What’s Hop? Festival: Teachers


Ron Dobrovinsky and Sharon Dobrovinsky

Ron & Sharon

Ron and Sharon aim to bring new insights about the dance to every class they teach. They are known for their ability to simplify complicated concepts and give many practical ways to create harmonic, musical and inspiring dances. Ron and Sharon deliver their classes in a fun and energetic atmosphere with a lot of personal feedback and care.

Ron is a certified fitness trainer with a rich background in martial arts and other dances. He helps dancers create good quality movement in their dance, and provides them with ways to take care of their body and to prevent injuries. Ron constantly studies the history of the dance and enjoys digging deeper into Jazz music, its musicians, grooves and feel. He is always excited to share his insights with his students as well as introduce them to some awesome jazz tunes.

Sharon has been playing Jazz since she was a child and maintains a deep appreciation for the music we dance to. With her extensive musical background, Sharon strives to share interesting and practical ideas on how to connect to music and rhythm. Sharon is a people person and she creates a comfortable atmosphere in her classes with a friendly attitude and lots of personal attention.

Ron and Sharon teach regularly in Europe and teach locally in Israel at Swing It dance school.


Ari Beltran and Simon Bressanelli

Ari & Simon

Since everybody loved them so much last time, they’re coming back…!

Ari and Simon are an elegant, athletic and playful partnership. Their dance is based on a strong respect of the music and of each other as dancers. Their style and sense of fun shines through in the way they dance, perform and teach. They are touring, teaching residencies, weekend workshops and competing across Europe and the rest of the world.

And here they are performing at What’s Hop!? 2019: