About Dolinde

Dolinde discovered swing dancing during her studies in the UK in 2009 and got hooked instantly. In the years to follow she’s travelled quite a bit of the world for this crazy dance. She started teaching at Swingstreet in 2011 and has been teaching there and helping to run the school ever since. She also occasionally teaches for Swing in Utrecht and at workshops throughout the country. She joined the Smokey Feet crew in their second year and helped organize it until the new crew took over in 2016. She regularly practises and teaches lindy hop, charleston, solo jazz and shag, and does a bit of tap dancing on the side 🙂

In teaching she aims to make classes playful, with a solid technical foundation emphasizing on concepts like rhythm, body awareness, partner connection and movement. The social aspect of the dance is in her view the most important part: the best dances are the ones where you’re able to have fun and play with your partner. Her main goal in classes therefore is to improve your social dancing experience by improving your own dancing.