About Praveen and Dolinde

Praveen has been dancing lindy hop since 2008. Having discovered swing dancing, he fell in love with it immediately and started travelling across Europe to learn from the best international instructors around. He has been teaching, DJing and organizing events since 2010 and has been teaching at Swingstreet for four years.

Dolinde discovered lindy hop during her studies in the UK back in 2009. When she came back to the NL, she went looking for swing dancing and stumbled upon Swing Out of Pocket, where she met Praveen on the dance floor. Since then, they have been training, teaching and travelling together for lindy hop.

Look out Nijmegen! Here we come :)

Look out Nijmegen! Here we come 🙂

Being avid fans of social dancing, their classes emphasize what goes into making good social dancers. Their classes are usually filled with crisp and clear concepts that help students to refine their technique and allow them to get creative in expressing themselves on the dance floor while communicating clearly with their partner.