About us

Who we are

IMRSWe are a group of jazz dance enthusiasts (L-R Mathias, Inge, Rosalind, Simon) who came together in late 2013 with the aim of bringing the joy of the Lindy Hop to our beloved city of Nijmegen. Our first event took place here in February 2014 and things have just snowballed from there! Nijmegen is very much a dancing city and we have enjoyed tremendous support from our neighbouring Lindy Hop scenes. Now we number around 80 regular Nijmeegse dancers and our group is continuing to grow.

The Lindy Hop is very much alive and well in the Netherlands, with growing scenes in various cities all over the country and we love going there to dance. Now the best of the swing dances has found itself yet another home, this time in the south-east Netherlands. We would love you to join us, especially if you are a complete beginner! All of you Lindy Hoppers outside Nijmegen, we are so grateful for your continued support!

Active members

Our club is run by volunteers whose wish is to share their passion for and love of swing dancing with the people of Nijmegen and its surrounding area, by organizing local classes and dance parties and by promoting similar activities in nearby cities. Here’s a little about some of us:

Inge: I found the Lindy Hop several years ago while on a search for ‘something new’ to dance. Tango and Salsa were alive and well in this town but they just didn’t seem to be what I was looking for. When I found the Lindy Hop I just knew: this was what I wanted to learn! At that time I was nine months pregnant so it had to wait a little while but I’ve been dancing whenever possible and now this dream is coming true. Growing a scene in this lovely city also means being able to dance every week!

Mathias: I first got in touch with dancing and Lindy Hop at the “Swing City” in 2004 in Zürich. Classes all over town and a final party with a live band in the main station hall. After that I was hooked. The following years, I spent all my holidays and a lot of weekends on workshops all over Europe. At such an event in Iceland, I ran into Inge from Nij… what? A town I had never heard of. Now I am living right here and am eager to dance in town.

Rosalind: I discovered that Lindy Hop might just be the secret to a sociable and endorphin-filled life many years ago living in Scotland. It combines sport, music and sociability, making it the perfect pick-me-up tonic to blow away the dreaded office worker lethargy on a weeknight after work. I soon realised that you can pick it up a lot quicker than other dance styles: once you’ve got the basic groove and pattern, you’re off! So when I arrived in Nijmegen I was dead set on finding a Lindy scene!

Simon: It all started for me in Luxembourg in 2011. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, from the moment I found the Lindy Hop my life would never be the same again and these days you will find me on dance floors all over Europe! Apart from the way the music and the dance make me feel, for me the most incredible aspects are the intense sense of community and the automatic bond that exists between Lindy Hoppers. It doesn’t matter how “good” you are: if you have a smile on your face then you are doing it right!