About Andy and Ela

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Andreas Hoppe (called Andy) is best known from Swing Connects (classes, workshops and camps in Cologne plus events such as the Lindy Hop Heaven, The Great Christmas Ball of the Swing Era and the Mosel Hop) and the founding of the Swingin‘ Pool Cologne. Andy has taught workshops and taster classes in many German scenes and internationally (Spain, Croatia and England). He started dancing the Lindy Hop in 2006 and quickly became enthusiastic and addicted to it. During his dancing time he developed his own way of teaching, focusing on fun and easiness in technique and understanding – to him the Lindy Hop is a joint and ongoing process of communication. People most like his logical and funny way of making Lindy Hop accessible to everyone. He also loves smoothing together different dance approaches, as in moves transferred into the Lindy Hop or switching between moves in leading and following and different moves (within the same six- or eight-count).

Michaela De Giosa (called Ela) started with Solo Jazz in 2009 in Osnabrück. Ever since she has been addicted to swing dancing of all sorts and the music of the era itself. In 2011 she added especially the Lindy Hop to her repertoire and in 2012 she subsequently founded the Osnahop Swing Dance scene in Osnabrück. She teaches different variations and styles of the Lindy Hop and particularly loves to fly in air steps. The fun and love of Lindy Hop is easily recognised in her ways of teaching and dancing. Her focus is on a clean and clearly recogniseable technique, a relaxed way of leading (!) as well as musicality and a joint balance between leading and following. In 2013 she started teaming up with Andy in workshops and a joint camp: the Mosel Hop.