Workshop with Andy and Ela

Andreas Hoppe and Ela De Giosa from Germany will be visiting us here in Nijmegen this summer for a Saturday workshop. Get ready for a big impact upon your dancing! Please mark the date: Saturday 6th July!

The workshop will consist of two hours each of Lindy Hop classes per level (including a swing out speciality class!) as well as a party in the evening at our usual Swing SOS with live music.

Ela De Giosa


Please note that this is not a workshop for absolute beginners.

Group 1: For those who have been dancing Lindy Hop for a few months to a year. (with Lindy What this means roughly Lindy B). By the time of the workshop, you will know some basic figures in both six and eight count, e.g. basic, circle, swing out, tuck turn, send out and take in. With your clear triple steps, you are aware about switching between six and eight count rhythms. You’re ready to work on your technique more carefully and expand your repertoire of figures.

Group 2: This is for people who have some more experience, probably having danced for year or perhaps much more (with Lindy What this means roughly Lindy C). You are on the social dance floor whenever you can. You have a solid swing out; switching between six and eight count rhythms is easy for you and you can find the social dance floor blindfolded! You’re really ready to geek out and get some more awesome technique and Lindy Hop skills working for you.