Courses Fall 2021

Lindy A Crash course:

We start on the 12th of November with a crashcourse for absolute beginners. In two intensive evenings (12.11. and 19.11., 18:45 to 21:00) we will teach you the basics of Lindy Hop. After that you are able to join the Lindy A+ where you will dance together with the students who started with us in the last block. This will cost 30 EUR (25 with a student discount.) Register for the crash course here

Lindy A+ and Lindy B classes: From the 26th of November until the 11th of February we will start with Lindy A+ and a Lindy B as in the last block. For Lindy B we will again provide you with some data due to the limited number of participants.

  • Lindy A+ and B will be on Friday evenings from 26th of November to 11th of February
  • Lindy A+ is for people who have done the crash course or the fix six weeks of Lindy A
  • Lindy A+ is every Friday from 18.45 to 19.45 and costs 80 euros for 10 classes (70 euro for students)
  • Register for Lindy A+ here
  • In Lindy B, we will assign you a number of evenings depending on how many registrations we get. This means that the cost is not fixed yet, but it will be 5 Euros per evening.
  • Register for Lindy B here

More questions? Check out the FAQ and the Class flow