An Evening with eWa and Lennart


img_1111wHere’s a early 2017 event for you! We are delighted to welcome some Lindy Hop royalty to Nijmegen: eWa Burak and Lennart Westerlund will be here on Thursday 9th March to share their wisdom with us. We couldn’t be more excited!

Who are eWa and Lennart? They are part of the group of Swedish dancers who trained with legendary Lindy Hoppers such as Al Minns, Frankie Manning and Norma Miller; they were members of the Rhythm Hot Shots, a performance team whose members are largely credited with igniting the resurgence of Lindy Hop in the modern era. You can find them here.

img_1184wHaving more or less left their performance background, these two Swedes currently dedicate themselves to passing onto us everything they learned from the old-time Lindy Hoppers: their sense of fun, enjoyment of social dancing and the Lindy spirit of respect, improvisation and camaraderie with our fellow dancers (plus of course a little bit of Swedish magic!). Exciting times indeed: let’s give them a super-bouncy Dutch welcome!