Daniel and Amelie: Information


On Saturday 3rd November we’re going to welcome Daniel Barreau and Amelie Lammers to Nijmegen for a Lindy Hop workshop. That’s right, our very own Amelie is coming back to dance with us! On top, she is bringing the amazing Daniel, with whom she’s been dancing and teaching over the last couple of years.

Daniel and Amelie will use their experience and enthusiasm to create some class content that will help you to take your dancing to the next level. There will be two levels of classes, described below. This workshop is not intended for absolute beginners: check out the taster classes at our social events if you are interested in trying out Lindy Hop with us.

Class descriptions

Track 1: Lindy Hop beginner/intermediate and above:

This track is aimed at Lindy Hoppers who have been dancing for at least three months at the time of the workshop (in Nijmegen this means for dancers who have taken at least one block of classes and are ready to dance in Lindy B in November. You have learned basic six count moves (send out, take in, tuck turn, change of places…) and some eight count figures (e.g., Lindy circle…), although mixing 6-ct and 8-ct might still be difficult for you. You are familiar with the concepts of how to lead and follow using things like “pulse”, “travelling” and “smiling”. More advanced dancers, this class will be interesting for everyone. And you can also sign up in your second role!

Track 2: Lindy Hop intermediate and above:

For this track you have been dancing for at least a year or more (in Nijmegen this means for dancers who have taken at least two to three blocks in Lindy B and for dancers in Lindy C and above). You have a competent swing out, texas tommy etc and can dance standard patterns such as “three swing outs and a circle”. You’re ready to learn new variations in your musicality, your body movement and your footwork.