Workshop with Dolinde, Robert and Chantal – The Dutch Flavour!

Robert & Chantal

Kicking off our new season of workshops, we are delighted to invite some of the Netherlands’ best teachers and musicians here to Nijmegen. The Dutch flavour!

On the weekend of 18th-19th November we will welcome:

  • Robert Cullen and Chantal Woltring from Eindhoven, to teach Lindy Hop, a musicality class (with Robert and the Kalishnikovs) and two “concept” classes (DJing with Robert; Feedback Training with Chantal);
  • Dolinde van Beek from Amsterdam, who will be here to teach exclusively to Lindy Hop followers.
  • The Kalishnikovs, one of the Netherlands’ most exciting big bands.

These teachers will draw upon their experience and enthusiasm to create some class content that will help you to take your Lindy Hop to the next level.


There will be four different tracks of classes, as described below. We have the exciting prospect of a track of classes purely for follows with Dolinde and three tracks of Lindy Hop with Robert and Chantal. There will be two parties: an evening on the Saturday with live music from the Kalishnikovs and a tea dance on the Sunday afternoon. We can’t wait to welcome you all in Nijmegen!

If you’re not sure which track to take (since everybody progresses at their own rate), please feel free to send us an email and ask. See here for the class schedule. Please note that we reserve the right to allocate dancers’ levels, based on the field of registrations we receive.


Followers’ Track

One year and above: This track is for followers only, with at least one year of Lindy Hop experience. At last you will get some attention all for yourselves! In this track you will get three hours of classes with Dolinde and the one-hour musicality class with Robert and the Kalishnikovs (4 hours in total), as well as free entrance to both parties. There is also the option to “top up” your registration with the opportunity to take both concept classes and a Lindy Hop class.

Lindy Hop Tracks

These tracks are for all Lindy Hoppers. In each of these tracks you will get 1.5 hours of class with Robert and Chantal, the one-hour musicality class with Robert and the Kalishnikovs and both concept classes with Robert and Chantal (4.5 hours in total).

Lindy Hop track 1, two months-one year: This is a track for people who have been dancing Lindy Hop for two months to one year, i.e. for those who have some experience of dancing Lindy Hop and are ready to learn more. In Nijmegen this is equivalent to having danced regularly in Lindy A or Lindy B classes. You have some experience of six and eight count moves and you come social dancing as often as you can. Here you will strengthen your fundamentals, as well as add a few new moves and tricks to spice up your repertoire. This is not a class for absolute beginners.

Lindy Hop track 2, six months-two years: This is a track for people with at least six months to two years of dancing Lindy Hop. In Nijmegen this is equivalent to having danced regularly in Lindy B or Lindy C classes. You can comfortably mix your six and eight count steps and your Charleston moves. You know a few variations on these figures, although maybe you find this tricky when the music gets a bit faster. Most importantly, you are comfortable and content on the social dance floor; you come dancing at every opportunity and perhaps have been social dancing outside your usual Lindy scene!

Lindy Hop track 3, two years and above: This is for people with at least two years’ experience of dancing Lindy Hop. In Nijmegen this is equivalent to having danced regularly in Lindy C classes (and higher). You go dancing whenever you can and you can’t get enough! You are growing in confidence in your leading/following and you love to interact with your partner. Probably you have been to some workshops with some international teachers. Most of all, you are in complete control of your basics and you have a very solid swing out, so now you enjoy to challenge yourself. Time to geek out!


Saturday night with the Kalishnikovs: On the evening of Saturday 18th November we will dance to live music courtesy of the Kalishnikovs, with support DJs. We kick off at 20.30 in the Kolpinghuis Nijmegen. Entrance is free for workshop participants; for everyone else it is 10 euros.

Sunday tea dance: On the afternoon of Sunday 19th November we will wind down with our regular tea dance at Brebl with music from our DJs. The event starts at 16.00 and we can dance to our hearts’ content until 19.00. Entrance is free for everyone!