Levels 2019


We currently have three levels of Lindy Hop classes (Lindy A, B and C) plus our Lindy Hop Speciality class taught by our out-of-town guest instructors Natalia and Kay. You can find the class flow scheme here.


Note: We may recommend that students take a different level of class to that which they initially choose, to ensure that the groups are homogeneous and to have a balanced ratio of leaders and followers in class. If you have any questions, please come and talk to us.

Speciality Classes: From February 2019, we offer speciality classes, taught by our out-of-town guest teachers Natalia and Kay. They are aimed at B to C level, so you can join the speciality classes when you have danced Lindy Hop for at least 5 months (that is at least one block in Lindy B). While the A/B classes follow a curriculum to build your repertoire of the basic moves and techniques of Lindy Hop and Charleston, the theme classes dig deeper into a different, special topic every block. This can help you make the transition from Lindy B to Lindy C and it allows us to geek out about exciting topics! Read more about the theme of this block here.

Taught by: Natalia and Kay (Mondays)

Lindy A (absolute beginner) This is a course for Lindy Hop complete beginners and for those who did not attend enough of the Lindy A classes in the previous block and need to continue to focus on their basics (indeed, even advanced dancers should also always work on their basics!). The aim of this course is to get you on the social dance floor as soon as possible, by learning the standard steps and figures and some basic Lindy Hop technique.

Taught by: Nijmegen Teachers (Fridays)

Lindy B (beginner-intermediate) This is a course for Lindy Hop beginner-intermediate dancers, i.e. for those who have been dancing in Lindy A or Lindy B in the previous block. This course will expand your repertoire of figures and footwork variations and dig deeper into the details of Lindy Hop technique. You’ll learn some new technique and step deeper into the world of 1930s Charleston Lindy Hop. Dancers in this level are already familiar with the basic moves and technique taught in Lindy A (like triple steps versus groove walks, 6ct and 8ct moves). You enjoy social dancing and come to dances whenever you can.

Taught by: Nijmegen Teachers (Fridays)

Lindy C (intermediate) This is a course for Lindy Hop intermediate dancers, i.e. for those who have been dancing in Lindy B for several blocks and are ready to move to a more challenging level, and for dancers who previously danced in Lindy C. You are comfortable with your social dancing and would like to continue working on your technique and figures. The aim is to improve your technique to the point where you can tackle the more difficult figures and variations and use them on the social dance floor. You come social dancing whenever you can and perhaps have been travelling to dance in Lindy Hop scenes outside Nijmegen. If you are coming from Lindy B or have not danced with Lindy What before, please be aware that your admission is dependent on teachers’ assessment and the field of registrations, in order to keep a good balance of dancers’ progress and leader/follower ratio.

Taught by: Natalia and Kay (Mondays)

Not sure which class to sign up for? You can always ask your teacher after class or approach us at a social dance. If you haven’t danced with Lindy What before, please pick the level that you think fits best and describe your prior dance experience in the comment section (tell us how long you have danced before, whether you go social dancing, and what you would like to work on in class. This will give us an idea which level is the best fit for you.

So, should I take Speciality classes or Lindy B/C? 
Maybe both? Note, there is a discount on theme classes in combination with Lindy B/C! In any case, before you can join Lindy C, you need to have danced in Lindy B for at least two to three blocks to make sure that you learned all the fundamental moves and technique. But already from your second B block, you can add the theme classes to learn even more!

Extra level? Students can take a second class on Fridays in a lower level for free, for example if you want to learn to dance the other role. We give priority to new students, of course (please check the terms and conditions on the website).