Lindy Hop Today

frankeie100The year 2014 would have seen Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday, so we think is particularly fitting that Lindy Hop has arrived in Nijmegen at this time. The dance continues to spread and grow all over the world and it is particularly strong in the Netherlands. Below you will find some clips of some of our favourite Lindy Hoppers who are currently dancing and teaching on the international scene.

The teachers’ jam at Smokey Feet in Amsterdam, 2013. It starts off all innocent but ends up in all sorts of crazy:

Jeff and Liz Camozzi (US), 2011. Dancing has never been so beautiful:

Thomas Blacharz and Alice Mei (France), 2014:

Some slow Lindy Hop, 2005:

Skye Humphries (US) and Frida Segerdahl (Sweden), 2010:

Skye Humphries and Jon Tigert (US), 2013:

Kenny Nelson and Jesse Hanus (US), 2013:

Emelie and Rebecka Decavita (Sweden), 2012: