What’s Hop? Festival: Teachers


Kris Blindert and Audun Kveberg

Audun Kveberg (Norway) is a social dancer at heart (his secret goal is being able to dance with anyone and everyone) and he loves the nerdy and technical details of the dance. Kris Blindert (Germany/SwingStep) has a background in teaching astrophysics; she’s methodical and enjoys breaking complex concepts into logical and easy to execute bits for her students.

Audun and Kris met when he worked with the SwingStep team in Heidelberg in 2013-2014, and it was a match made in lindy-nerd heaven. The two immediately hit the dance floor to delve into each other’s techniques and styles and came out with a whole new understanding of the dance. They’re always excited to develop and share new ideas. Their classes combine silliness and technique, fun and precision; they’ll bring your dancing to the next level with a smile on your face.



Ariadna Beltran and Simon Bressanelli

Ari and Simon are an elegant, athletic and playful partnership. Their dance is based on a strong respect of the music and of each other as dancers. Their style and sense of fun shines through in the way they dance, perform and teach. They are touring, teaching residencies, weekend workshops and competing across Europe and the rest of the world.


Janna Selier and Rohan Seghul

Janna has been an enthusiastic dancer and teacher for many years. She dances Lindy Hop, Blues and Charleston and was a member of the Cotton Club show group. She continues to train at international workshops and is known for her musicality and playful, elegant style. She always strives to strike the right balance between good technique and just having fun.

Rohan discovered Lindy Hop in 2011 and immediately fell head over heels in love with the dance and the joy that it brings. After countless hours of learning, dancing and DJing at local and international workshops, he has developed his own unique style and perspective on swing dancing. While borrowing elements from other dance types, such as Blues, Charleston and latin, he remains creative while dancing. In his lessons he focuses upon having a good connection with your partner and developing your own style.