What’s Hop? Festival: Beginners+


Beginners+ track

For whom? This track is for enthusiastic dancers with only a few months of experience with Lindy Hop. You have been bitten by the Lindy bug and there is so much more that you want to learn! So it is time to join your first workshop(s). Note: This is not a class for total beginners. At the time of this workshop, you have already completed at least one block of Lindy Hop classes in which you learned some eight count and six count moves with triple steps (e.g., send out, tuck turn, Lindy circle…) and you have danced at socials.

Why? The beginners+ package will include ca. 3 hours of classes on Saturday, plus access to both parties. You will learn a lot in a short time, whilst having fun and conserving your energy so that you can fully enjoy the social dances.

With whom? In this track, with a full pass you will have three hours of awesomeness with Janna and Rohan from Utrecht, plus entry to both parties!