What’s Hop? Festival: Levels


Class levels

Lindy Hop classes will be taught in three different levels. Please be aware that this is not a workshop for absolute beginners (although everyone is welcome at the parties!). 
If you want to start dancing Lindy Hop, check out our weekly classes here on the website.

Track 1 (intermediate): You’ve been dancing for at least 4 to 12 months and you regularly attend social swing dance parties. You have encountered a range of standard eight count and six count moves (including swing outs) and you know some Charleston variations (perhaps including tandem). You are eager to expand your repertoire, add footwork variations, and to improve your technique in order to connect better with your partner and to the music. As a guide, in Nijmegen you have had at least two to three blocks of classes at the time of the workshop; Utrecht levels 1C and 2).
Teachers: Ron & Sharon; Ari & Simon

Track 2 (Intermediate-Advanced): At this level you are no stranger to the social dance floor! You have been dancing for at least 1.5 to 2 years and you regularly attend classes. You have been dancing outside your home scene and have travelled to Lindy Hop events and workshops. You’re keen to dance with many different people. On the social floor you are playing with rhythm and footwork variations whenever it feels good. You want to get better at fast dancing and responding to the music. As a guide, in Nijmegen you have danced for at least three blocks in Lindy C at the time of the workshop; Utrecht Level 2+/3).
There might be two intermediate-advanced groups! To form the groups, we will ask you questions about your experience and wishes during sign-up.
Teachers: Ron & Sharon; Ari & Simon

Track 3 (Advanced): You are an advanced dancer and a real Lindy Hop fanatic who can find the social dance floor blindfolded! You have been dancing for several years and taken classes and workshops at audition level.
You might be teaching in your local scene and your hunger to learn is insatiable. This level is challenging and it will focus on advanced technique. There might be a level check before classes.
Teachers: Ron & Sharon; Ari & Simon

Solo Jazz: All tracks include one lesson of solo jazz in addition to three Lindy Hop lessons. For solo jazz, everyone will be able to choose between two levels: relaxed (open to all) and challenging (recommended from intermediate-advanced and above or if you like a challenge).
Teachers: Ron & Sharon

Taster classes: There will be taster classes (Blues by Ron & Sharon, open to all; Rhythm in Lindy Hop by Ari & Simon, open to int-adv and above). You are free to choose which class to take, provided you are aware of your level.