Lindy Hop-Experienced – Sept-Nov 2017

Let’s already get set for some more dancing! Our next block of Lindy Hop classes will take place for all levels on Fridays from November 24th to February 2nd; no classes on Friday December 22nd and December 29th (due to the Christmas holiday period). You can find the level descriptions below. The registration form can be found here.

Course schedule:

Group Time Day Location
Lindy A 19.00 – 20.00 Fridays Impro vi (main room)
Lindy C 19.00 – 20.00 Fridays Impro vi (second room)
Practice time for students 20.00 – 21.00 Fridays Impro vi (main room)
Lindy B 21.00 – 22.00 Friday Impro vi (main room)
Lindy D 21.00 – 22.00 Friday Impro vi (second room)

Course fees:

Group Fee
Each of levels A,B,C 80 € per person (9 classes); 70 € for students

If you want to work on what you learned in class, please feel free to make use of the practice time. There will always be a teacher available if you have any questions or need some advice. Plus you will get to know better your fellow dancers!

Level descriptions:

The following information is a guide only, to help you decide the course for which you should register. We will, however, review the registrations and possibly recommend that you move to a different level, based upon your perceived progress and in order to keep a balanced lead-follow ratio. Please try to be honest with yourself when you register for your chosen level! If you have any questions at any point of the registration process, you are very welcome to ask the teachers for advice. The student class flow plan can be found here.

Lindy A (fundamentals) This is a course for Lindy Hop complete beginners and for those who did not attend enough of the Lindy A classes in Spring 2017 and need to continue to focus on their basics (indeed, even advanced dancers should also always work on their basics!). For example, if you are still working on your triple steps and basic footwork, then you belong here. The aim of this course is to get you on the social dance floor as soon as possible, by learning the standard steps and figures and some basic and more interesting Lindy Hop technique.Lindy B (building on the basics (beginner)) This is a course for dancers who have successfully completed Lindy A. You come social dancing whenever you can (both in Nijmegen and elsewhere). This course will expand your repertoire of figures and footwork variations, as well as going deeper into the details of Lindy Hop technique. You will stay in Lindy B for at least two blocks of courses (the material will change, you won’t be repeating anything much).

Lindy C (intermediate) This is a course for intermediate lindy hop dancers, for example those who have been dancing in lindy C during the current season, who are comfortable with their social dancing and would like to continue working on their technique and figures. The aim is to improve your technique to the point where you can tackle the more difficult figures and variations and use them on the social dance floor. You come social dancing whenever you can and perhaps have been travelling to dance in Lindy Hop scenes outside Nijmegen. To take part in this level it is mandatory that you have completed two blocks in Lindy B and that the teachers agree that you are really to the next level.

Lindy D focus group This is a group for our more experienced dancers, having danced Lindy Hop for 1-2 years or more (most of the participants will be teaching for us already). This will not be a taught course, rather a time for you to get together and work on what you would like to do. However, there will be one or more teachers available to guide you and give advice when you want it. The sessions will be run with the guidance of the teachers, but it will be you who decides what you want to do! You will register for Lindy C as well, but then get your participation in the focus group at no extra cost. The teachers reserve the right to process the applications and admit students to this level as they see fit.