Workshop with Kate and Pieter Aart: Information

After their last visit was such a success, we are very excited to announce that Katelyn Price and Pieter Aart Schouten are coming back to Nijmegen to teach another weekend workshop!
They will be here on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September to give six hours of classes (two different levels of classes with three hours per level).

Indoor shoes required!

Please note that we have to insist on non-marking indoor shoes. The classroom has a lovely floor which is excellent for dancing but it is also quite delicate. As such, we cannot allow outdoor shoes, high heels, shoes leaving marks, etc.

non-marking: the soles of your shoes do not leave marks when dragged over a wooden floor.

indoor: the shoes are only worn indoors and never outdoors.


This is not a workshop for absolute beginners. If you already have some experience in dancing Lindy Hop, then you will be ready for one of these two different tracks, or both!

Level 1 – No-sweat Charleston

We believe that switching to Charleston mode can become your go-to place to get some rest during those fast songs. In the No-sweat Charleston track we will focus on the foundations of Charleston technique, showing you how to execute your movement in a way that lets you kick-step effortlessly. From here we will give you fancy building blocks so you will never stress about Charleston moves again and you’ll be ready to kick-step through anything without breaking a sweat. Don’t think that this class is only for newer dancers, you will be challenged…

Level 2 – Non Swingout track

You’re no stranger to the social dance floor. We will change the way you think about swingouts by not dancing swingouts. In this way you can start to explore all possible aspects of swingouts. We will go through building blocks that will allow you to construct moves with any beginning, middle and ending. Follows, you will be ready for the occurrence of any of these building blocks so you get to enjoy every moment in the dance. Together you will never think of moves as a whole again (nor will you have to be able to remember them), you will just start somewhere and add building blocks from there. We might even get to the fanciest move of all time.