Workshop with Rob and Diane

We are very excited to announce that Rob and Diane van Haaren are coming here to Nijmegen to give a Lindy Hop workshop! Part of the original generation of the Lindy Hop revival, they will be here on Sunday 2nd August to give three hours of classes. Rob himself is originally from Nijmegen and so we look forward to welcoming him “home”!


Sunday 2nd August

  • 14.00-15.30 Class 1
  • 16.00-17.30 Class 2


This is a three hour workshop for all Lindy Hoppers. If you are relatively new to dancing Lindy Hop then Class 1 is for you; if you have been dancing for longer, you are welcome and encouraged to take both levels.

  • Class 1 You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least three or four months, perhaps even longer. You are keen to continue working on your Lindy Hop technique and to pick up some cool new moves.
  • Class 2 You have been dancing Lindy Hop for at least one year, perhaps more. You’ve mastered the basics and you’re absolutely ready to take your dancing to the next level.


Tafeltennis Club
Luciaweg 9
6523 NK Nijmegen


  • Level 1: 15 euro per person (1.5 hours of class)
  • Level 2: 15 euro per person (1.5 hours of class)
  • Both levels: 30 euro per person (three hours of classes)