Workshop with Natalia Rueda

Natalia Rueda from Colombia/Canada has been visiting us here in Nijmegen this summer and has already made a huge impact upon our scene and our dancing. She will soon leave us, so let’s have a workshop as a last opportunity to learn from her! This will be a workshop with extra-small groups consisting of four dancing pairs per group, so that you get lots of individual attention from this lovely teacher! Please note that you need to register in pairs.

The registered pairs of dancers will be sorted into two groups. The workshop includes four hours of classes and a party on Saturday night:

  • one 90 minute class with a small set of dancers of your own group;
  • one 90 minute class with both groups together
  • a one hour theme class
  • an evening party


Registration will happen strictly in pairs: you can find a partner perhaps by looking on Facebook or by asking around in your classes.


Please note that this is not a workshop for absolute beginners.

There are no fixed levels for this workshop; groups of a similar level will be formed based on experience of the people who register. During sign-up, we will therefore ask you questions about your dancing experience. Please answer honestly and provide enough information. If you are unsure what your level is, here are descriptions of typical workshop tracks:  

Group 1: For those who have been dancing Lindy Hop for a few months to a year or so. You know basic figures in both six and eight count, e.g. basic, circle, tuck turn, send out and take in, and some basic Charleston. As well as a strong command of your footwork, you can switch easily between six and eight count and Charleston rhythms, and your swing out is getting there! You’re ready to work on your technique more carefully and expand your repertoire of figures.

Group 2: This is for people who have more more experience, probably dancing for well over two years, but at least a year or so. You are always on the social dance floor and dance regularly outside your home scene. You have a very solid swing out and you’re really ready to geek out and get some awesome technique working for you!