Lindy A and Lindy B registration September-October 2020

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Are you ready, dear dancers?! Our next block of Lindy Hop classes will take place on Fridays from September till October 2020 taught by your local Nijmegen teachers.

From September, we will pick up lessons again with a first series of Lindy A (new beginners + Lindy A from last block, we would like to see you guys back!), Lindy B
(6+ months of classes) and Lindy C. You will dance and preferably sign up with a fixed partner, there will be no rotation. If you sign up solo, you will be assigned to a dance partner (if available) who will be your fixed dance partner for the entire block.
If the government recommendations change, rotation of partners may become possible but will be voluntary. The number of students that can join the first block of lessons is limited due to the size of the room, so please register quickly!

For Corona measures during class, check out the following page

Lindy A: Lindy Hop Beginners Crash Course 
Want to learn Lindy Hop and learn it fast? This is a 2-nights course for Lindy Hop beginners. And for those who did not attend enough of the Lindy A classes in the previous block and need to continue to focus on their basics (indeed, even advanced dancers should also always work on their basics!). The aim of this speed course is to get you on the social dance floor as soon as possible, by learning the standard steps and figures and some basic Lindy Hop technique.
It’ s time to get Lindy C back on track!

We are very happy to announce that we have something special planned for the advanced dancers in Nijmegen. As we are slowly starting dancing again, we thought it would be nice to move our rosty joints in a low-profile setting. This is why we are organizing a Lindy C Focus Group in September/begin October.

Class dates:

  • Lindy B: Fridays September 4-11-18-25 and October 2-9, 2020
  • Lindy A: Fridays September 18 and 25, 2020 only
  • Lindy C: Please select this link for Lindy C registration.
  • See here for level descriptions.

Course schedule:

Group Time Day Location
Lindy B beginner-intermediate 19.30 – 20.30 Fridays Gym Dominicanenstraat
Change of groups 20.30 – 20.45 Fridays Gym Dominicanenstraat
Lindy A beginners Sept 18-25 only 20.45 – 22.30 Fridays Gym Dominicanenstraat

Course fees:

Group Fee
Lindy A, beginners € 25 per person (2 classes of 1 hour and 45 minutes)
Lindy B, beginners-intermediate € 50 per person (6 classes of 60 minutes)
Student discount € 10

!!! Did you follow our previous block, but were not able to finish it due to the Corona measures? If so, you are dispensated from paying the course fee for this block and can join for free, but don’t forget to register first

More questions? Check out the FAQ.