Rhythm and Play


Do you want to keep working on your Lindy Hop during the summer break? This is a summer workshop on Sunday 29th July with Simon (Nijmegen) and Frederique (Eindhoven). We will help you improve your understanding of swing rhythm and to put these ideas into your dancing, playing with rhythmic concepts.

There will be two levels, so sign up based on your experience. Both levels will be challenging for all dancers; you are most welcome to sign up for both levels if you have enough experience. You can register here.

Level descriptions:

Level 1 (for Nijmegen Lindy A and above, in general, 3 months+ experience)

So six count or eight count? How can you lead and follow the difference? In this class we’ll delve into these aspects by giving you some fun moves which can be led and followed in both six and eight counts, so that both dancers can feel what’s going on. Plus we’ll add some cool footwork variations which will help you understand that you don’t have to stay together in the same rhythm…

Level 2 (for Nijmegen Lindy B, C and above, in general, 6 months+ experience)

Bored of your usual six and eight count patterns? In this class we’ll explore different rhythmic combinations, breaking the music down into bite-sized chunks, with a view towards playing around together and creating your own patterns. It’s all about interaction with your partner and making each of your dances unique to yourselves!


Group Time Price Location
Level 1 14.00-15.30 10 euro for Lindy What? students/15 euro otherwise Impro vi (main room)
Level 2 16.00–17.30 10 euro for Lindy What? students/15 euro otherwise Impro vi (main room)

By “Lindy What” students we mean those who took a series of Lindy hop or solo classes in the May-July block.