Rhythm & Play! With Sylvester and Simon

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When Sylvester and Simon first met and danced on the social dance floor, it was immediately clear that it was a match made in Lindy Hop heaven! Ever since then, they have spent a lot of time playing around with Lindy Hop technique and exploring rhythmic ideas together, working on how they can teach their students to really DANCE together, rather than just executing standard figures.

In this two-hour workshop, Sylvester and Simon will focus upon changing up your rhythms in your partner dancing. Not only will they teach you some new ways to vary your footwork and rhythm, but they will also help you understand the structure behind footwork variations, so you’ll be able to come up with your very own ideas and fit them into your dancing.

The ultimate focus will be to free your “dance minds”. There is no need to stay fixed in your basic foot patterns: both follows and leads, inspire your partner to play along together!

Both Sylvester and Simon have several years of experience dancing and teaching Lindy Hop: Simon in Luxembourg and Nijmegen; Sylvester in and around Eindhoven and in Nijmegen. They have also taught weekly classes and a workshop together in Nijmegen.

Class 1: Mixing up your footwork. In the first class of the workshop we’ll work on questioning your pre-learned footwork patterns (both six-count or eight-count) and exploring ideas about how to change up those rhythms in your dancing. For both follows and leads, it doesn’t always have to be “step-step-triple step-step-step-triple step”. Let’s try out something new!

Class 2: Let’s play! In this second class, we will work on how to incorporate your rhythm variations into your partnered Lindy Hop; you will experiment with learning how to inspire one another into making rhythmic changes and have a dance conversation! We’ll show you some funky variations into your partnered Lindy Hop that you won’t have previously imagined.