Swellington Six in Nijmegen!

vintage-quartestraLet’s party! In order to celebrate our Lindy Hop workshop weekend here in Nijmegen with Kenny Nelson and Jesse Hanus, we’re delighted to announce that on Saturday 28th November we’ll be swinging out hard to our guest band, the Swellington Splendid Six: you can check them out here!

Inspired by Kenny and Jesse’s Lindy Hop, you’ll surely be craving the opportunity to try out your new moves and skills on the social dance floor. Even if you can’t make it to the workshops, you surely don’t want to miss this event: the dance floor will be packed with Nijmeegse Lindy Hoppers and all of our Lindy-Hopping friends from our neighbouring cities, so we are sure to have an electric atmosphere!

When? Saturday 28th November, starting at 20.30

Where? Kolpinghuis Nijmegen

Entrance fee? 10 euro (free for workshop participants)