Lindy 4 Workshop: Information

Sarah Wastiaux

This coming February our dance club will celebrate the fourth anniversary of its founding! To celebrate, we are very excited to announce that Dutch dancer Sarah Wastiaux and Spanish dancer Javier Santos are coming to Nijmegen to teach a Saturday workshop. They will be here on Saturday 3rd February 2017 as part of our Lindy 4 celebration of Lindy Hop in Nijmegen to give a workshop focusing on solo jazz and its role in your Lindy Hop.

Sarah and Javier will use their experience and enthusiasm to create some class content that will help you to take your dancing to the next level. As well as being lots of fun, solo jazz helps to improve your balance, body awareness and sense of rhythm, which you can take into your partnered Lindy Hop dancing. We can’t wait to welcome you all in Nijmegen!

Class descriptions

Solo Charleston: This was one of the original swing dances which grew in popularity in the 1920s and later was one of the major influences upon the development of the Lindy Hop in the late 1920s and 1930s. Along with the tap dancers of the period and the influences of African roots, the dance evolved into a solo entity, without a partner. In this track you will learn the main steps that constitute solo Charleston dancing, which you can enjoy for themselves or use later to influence your Lindy Hop partnered dancing.

Solo jazz: These days, by solo jazz we usually mean solo dancing using the “authentic” vernacular style of jazz steps seen in the 1930s dance halls of Harlem in New York (and later), incorporating a strong sense of improvisation that is so essential to Lindy Hop dancers. These classes will cover the standard jazz steps that you may already know and bring you forward into more advanced routines. Sadly Solo level 1 is now cancelled due to lack of registrations: you can still sign up for the Charleston class! Level 2 will run as planned.

Spice Up Your Lindy Hop: In this class you will learn about how to use your newly acquired solo jazz steps to influence your partnered Lindy Hop and your improvisational skills. An essential experience for all aspiring Lindy Hoppers!