Lindy 4 Workshop: Schedule and Fees

Javier Santos

Sarah Wastiaux and Javier Santos are coming to Nijmegen! They will be here on Saturday 3rd February to give a solo jazz and Lindy Hop workshop as part of our Lindy 4 anniversary celebrations. We look forward to welcoming them in our enthusiastic and bouncy Nijmegen way!

Below you can find the precise details regarding the workshop location and schedule, level descriptions and course fees.



LocationTafeltennis Club, Luciaweg 9, 6523 NK Nijmegen
Workshop fees: One class 12,50; two classes 20,00; three classes 30,00. Party pass 5 euro (10 euro on the door).


Hall 1 Hall 2
11.00-12.30 Charleston level 2 Solo Jazz level 1 (now cancelled)
12.30-13.15 Lunch (Bring your own!)
13.15-14.45 Solo Jazz level 2
14.45-15.00 Break
15.00-16.30 Spice Up Your Lindy Hop

Level descriptions

Solo Jazz Level 1 (beginners): This level is for dancers with zero to minimal dance experience in solo jazz and Charleston (and so open in particular to all swing dancers in Nijmegen). You will learn some basic steps and how to put them together into short routines. Those of you with more experience of solo dancing and Lindy Hop are also welcome to join this level if you want to work on your basics. In Nijmegen this level is aimed at dancers in Lindy A and above, although absolute beginners are most welcome! Sadly this class has had to be cancelled due to lack of registrations.

Charleston & Solo Jazz Level 2 (intermediate and above): This level is for dancers who have been dancing for a while, knowing some of the basic jazz steps (for example fall off the log, boogie back and forward, Shorty George, Charleston steps…), indeed for people who already more or less know the Shim Sham. In Nijmegen this level is aimed at those of you in Lindy B or Lindy C and above.

Spice Up Your Lindy Hop (intermediate and above): This level is for dancers who have some experience of dancing partnered Lindy Hop (in Nijmegen this means level B or C and higher). You hope to be able to incorporate your newly acquired jazz steps into your Lindy Hop without disturbing your partner’s movement. To take part in this class it is essential that you also take Solo Jazz level 2, since the class will have applications of solo jazz to partnered dancing.