Swivels and Switches with Danai

So for the last class of the current block, we have a special treat for you. A workshop for both leads and follows, courtesy of Danai, focusing upon swivels and switches – classic Lindy Hop styling!

This class will take place on Friday 20th April at improv vi as usual, for dancers from Lindy B and Lindy C. Save the date and the times – the class will run from 20:30-22:00, This is a 1.5 hour class for Lindy What students

This class is free for dancers who are registered in our current Lindy B and Lindy C classes. Please be there at 20:15: the big room will be open from 19:45 so that you can dance and practice your swingouts. Especially if you have learned swingouts only recently, use this time to refresh your memory! Teachers will be around to help you with questions! .