The Big Apple Workshop


Hey there! if you got to this page it means you’re interested in registering for the SUPER AWESOME BIG APPLE WORKSHOP that we are organising in Nijmegen this summer.

The Big Apple routine is one of the most famous Lindy Hop routines, originally choreographed by the one and only Frankie Manning! If you haven’t seen it yet, here is one of many versions:

Looks fun, right? Our Nijmegen teacher Tobias will show us how to join the cool kids’ club at any Lindy Hop event!

We will meet four times for 90 minute classes as follows:


Time Dates Price Location
20.30-22.00 Fri 27/7, Sat 11/8, Fri 17/8, Fri 24/8 20 euro Impro vi

Requirements: you need to know the Shim Sham!