Lindy Hop Speciality Classes


Starting February 2019, our wonderful out-of-town guest teachers Natalia Rueda and Kay Werndli are joining our team to teach our intermediate+ class (Lindy C) and speciality classes. The speciality classes will allow us to dig deeper into exciting topics like musicality, fast dancing, jazzing up your Lindy, and more.

From February to April 2019, we will start with the first theme, which will be revealed soon! 
Join the facebook event to vote for your favourite topic!

Level of theme classes: you can join the theme classes after a minimum of 5 months of dancing Lindy Hop (at Lindy What, this means after your first block of Lindy B).

Price: Theme classes cost 80 euro for 9 classes (70 euro for students) or 40 euro in combination with Lindy B/C classes.

Here’s Natalia in action with Mikey Pedroza: