What’s Hop? Festival: Bands


Saturday party – 22nd February 2020, 20.30-02.00

Our Saturday night party of the What’s Hop?! festival will feature live music from Doctor Bernard and the Swing Cats. Come swing away with us at the beautiful location of the Theatercafé at the Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen.

Doctor Bernard and the Swing Cats is the new formation from (doctor and clarinetist) Bernard Berkhout. This band is known not only for their great jazz music; they are also very popular in the Lindy Hop Scene. It’s guaranteed that you’ll want to be dancing all night!

DJ Danny:
(Danny Groenewegen)

Once upon a time there was a need for more Swing and Blues DJs. I wanted to dance so I started playing music that makes me move. Years passed by and we all danced happily ever after.


Sunday party – 23rd February 2020, 16.00-19.30

The Happy Feet Orchestra was founded by Hans Goemans & Mirjam van Dam after a terrific gig they did at the monthly social dance in The Hague. They received so many compliments about the band, the repertoire and the tempi that it didn’t take them long to figure out they had to continue this journey.

The great thing about The Happy Feet Orchestra is that they know what dancers want because they dance too! Let’s make those feet happy!

DJ Moldy Fig:
(Tijs van der Welden)

Tijs is an active member of the Nijmegen Lindy Hop community. Being both a dancer and a musician himself, the step to the DJ booth was a very logical one. Under the name Moldy Fig, he is often found playing some swingin’ tunes at the socials in Nijmegen.