What’s Hop? Festival: Bands

The Kalishnikovs

The Kalishnikovs are a well-known Dutch swing band. Their passionate musicians swing with their hearts and souls and know how to create the right atmosphere to keep dancers moving! They will play for us at the Saturday party at the Kolpinghuis Nijmegen. 

Here you can see the Kalishnikovs playing at the Snowball Lindy Hop Festival in Stockholm:

A little anecdote: When Lindy What? just started as a new, small club, the Kalishnikovs came to play for our first social event even though we could not pay them much. We are so thrilled to have them back in town five years later to celebrate how Lindy Hop has grown in Nijmegen.

Celebrity Hot Tub Party

On the Sunday evening we will welcome the Celebrity Hot Tub Party feat. Thomas Pol and Arno Bakker.

Thomas is well-known in the Dutch jazz scene; he studied and lived in New Orleans for three years and is currently working a lot with the Benjamin Herman trio. Here you’ll see a clip of him playing a bass duet with the legendary John Clayton:

Of course you already know Arno. We have the luck that, in the week of the gig, Arno is in between two world tours with Andy Frasco & the UN, so we are glad that he can join us for some foot-warming tunes on the 17th!