What’s Hop? Festival: Bands

The Kalishnikovs

The Kalishnikovs are a well-known Dutch swing band. Their passionate musicians swing with their hearts and souls and know how to create the right atmosphere to keep dancers moving! They will play for us at the Saturday party at the the Theatercafe in Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen. 

Here you can see the Kalishnikovs playing at the Snowball Lindy Hop Festival in Stockholm:

A little anecdote: When Lindy What? just started as a new, small club, the Kalishnikovs came to play for us at our very first social event, even though we could not pay them much. We are so thrilled to have them back in town five years later to celebrate how Lindy Hop has grown in Nijmegen.

Celebrity Hot Tub Party

On the Sunday evening we will welcome the Celebrity Hot Tub Party feat. Thomas Pol and Arno Bakker.

Thomas is well-known in the Dutch jazz scene; he studied and lived in New Orleans for three years and is currently working a lot with the Benjamin Herman trio. Here you’ll see a clip of him playing a bass duet with the legendary John Clayton:

Of course you already know Arno. We have the luck that, in the week of the gig, Arno is in between two world tours with Andy Frasco & the UN, so we are glad that he can join us for some foot-warming tunes! These guys will play for us at the Sunday tea dance at Kolpinghuis Nijmegen.


Your DJ Team

DJ Robert Cullen
Robert has been DJ’ing swing music for many years now nationally and internationally. He has attended several DJ summits in the US, has contributed many times to the “Hey Mister Jesse podcast” and is co-producer of the Bernard Berkhout CD “Let’s Dance”. Also interesting to know: Robert has been working with the Kalishnikovs on their repertoire from the start. For that reason Robert is especially happy to work with them again in providing you with the best music for your dancing pleasure.

DJ Natalia Rueda (DJ Brown Mamba)
With over 12 years of experience as a dancer, teacher, and deejay, Natalia plays music to keep people dancing! In Ottawa, she was house deejay for Saturday Night Swing for 8 years. After that, in Montreal, she was at the turntables at Le Jazz Hot for the 2 years she lived in the city. Before moving to the Netherlands, Natalia also deejayed dance events all over Canada.

DJ Rohan Sehgal
A compulsive dancer, Rohan started DJing at Lindy and Blues parties in his local scene in Utrecht in 2012 and continued to develop his sense for what inspires people to dance, playing regularly in festivals in the Netherlands, and abroad. His sets have evolved with his dancing, focusing increasingly on the musicality, rhythm and feel of the music. An upbeat mixture of vintage big band to New Orleans Jazz and everything in between, his playful sets will keep your feet moving on the dancefloor.

DJ Tijs van der Welden (DJ Moldy Fig)
Tijs is an active member of the Nijmegen Lindy Hop community. Being both a dancer and a musician himself, the step to the DJ booth was a very logical one. Under the name Moldy Fig, he is resident DJ for one of the socials in both Nijmegen and Den Bosch.

DJ Simon Brain
With experience of studying and performing jazz music since 1994, Simon discovered Lindy Hop in 2011 and has been teaching it and DJing swing music both nationally and internationally since 2013. With a special passion for the big band era, his personal challenge is to make it almost impossible for you to leave the dance floor!

DJ Mathias Guggisberg