Dancing at Lindy What?

So now the Lindy Hop has made it to Nijmegen! Here are a few videos.

What’s Hop!? February 2019 we celebrated our fifth anniversary as a dance club. Here you can see the dance performances by our amazing guest teachers at the big Saturday night party, with live music by our dear Kalishnikovs.

Kris Blindert and Audun Kveberg
Ariadna Beltran and Simon Bressanelli


Lindy One (revisited), September 2018
Check out this video from our first year anniversary to get an impression of how much fun and joy this music and dance create (video made by our wonderful students Daan and Etske; edited by Mathias for the website)
Hop on the Boat, May 2014
De Kalishnikovs, live at Brebl in Nijmegen, October 2014