Welcome to Lindy What? Lindy Hop Nijmegen!

We are a swing dance club based in the beautiful city of Nijmegen (NL). We are passionate about the social dance culture of the swing era of jazz, in particular the Lindy Hop. We organize dance classesworkshops and social dances with live music. Our organisation was founded in 2014, based upon the tenet that Lindy Hop is a very social and enjoyable dance, where we enjoy one other’s company and have a good time dancing with everybody, no matter their skills.

We regularly have crash courses or weekly classes for beginners on Friday nights, and occasionally also in the weekend. We are extra careful during the current pandemic, so when we start again, most likely the first classes will be courses for fixed dance couples. If you do not sign up with a partner, we will try to find someone to dance with you throughout the course. Leave your name

Did you love the Christmas gala as much as we did? Curious about archived events? Read more here

21 February 2021 Ari and Simon Lindy What birthday routine, workshop for current and former Lindy what students, via Zoom, email/dm us for the link if you are a former student and cannot find it!

If you want to see what Lindy Hop looks like, you can check out the demonstration dances by our amazing teachers at our birthday events in the videos section

* Swing SOS: Swing Social On Saturday with live music & DJ’s. On four Saturdays of the year you can enjoy an evening of social swing dancing in Nijmegen, with live music and DJ’s to boot.
* Sunday Tea Dance
4 times per year.
* Keep an eye on this page or on our agenda or check out our Facebook page for the latest updates

When it’s safe to meet again and measures are more flexible, we will pick up our lessons right where we left. Take care and we hope to see you again soon! For more info ….

even though our website is in English, please feel free to write to us in Dutch!  
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