Welcome to Lindy What? Lindy Hop Nijmegen!

We are a swing dance club based in the beautiful city of Nijmegen (NL). We are passionate about the social dance culture of the swing era of jazz, in particular the Lindy Hop. We organize dance classes, workshops and social dances with live music. Our organisation was founded in 2014, based upon the tenet that Lindy Hop is a very social and enjoyable dance, where we enjoy one other’s company and have a good time dancing with everybody, no matter their skills.

Dear dancers, we really enjoyed the lessons that we had in the past weeks and feel so lucky that we were able to finish a whole block of classes only last Friday, October 9. Unfortunately, the Covid situation makes it necessary to take a break now because of the new lockdown. We are working on ideas so that when the situtiation changes and it is safe to meet again, we can pick up right where we left. Take care and we hope to see you again soon!

– The Lindy What team

Important: Like everyone else, we have been following the updates about the Corona virus closely. For Corona measures during class, check out the following page

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Lindy Hop is all about having fun!

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Early in 2019 we celebrated our fifth anniversary as a dance club with our Weekend festival What’s Hop!?! If you want to see what Lindy Hop looks like, you can check out the demonstration dances by our amazing teachers at that event in the videos section. To celebrate our 7th anniversary, What’s Hop!? Third Edition will take place February 2021.
We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Lindy What? The Lindy Hop is an energetic and dynamic jazz dance which evolved in 1920s and 30s Harlem, New York. It is a fusion of various jazz dances which came before it, most notably tap, breakaway and Charleston. Once you get the Lindy bug, there’s no going back!

Lindy Hop is danced in couples (a pair consisting of a lead and a follow), although the couple need not consist of a man and a woman: both men and women may take the role of either lead or follow. It is a social dance, meaning that we do not have a fixed ‘dance partner’ like one often finds in other dances. Sounds like fun? You can do it!