z26-03-2021   Groove is a basic musical layer that makes us interact, connect and move to. We intuitively interact with the groove, even when we don’t know any “dance steps”. It is the rhythmical base that exists in most, if not all, music styles people dance to. In this workshop / lecture, we explored, understood and interacted with various grooves in different musical styles, and also dived into Jazz and its grooves and nuances. We heared how different instruments influence the feeling, and we tried to get more comfortable dancing without any “steps”, just by expressing the groove with our body – this time even without getting out of our seats 🙂

200308_SimonyAri_0497 21-02-2021    5,6,7 – dance! Hooray, now we have our own solo routine! On the occasion of our 7th birthday, international Lindy Hoppers Ari and Simon walked – danced and hopped – us through an energetic, fun routine that they choreographed specially for us. We love it! It will take some practice, but luckily, we got a good recap from our online workshop, so when it is safe again, we will start practicing together. In the parc? On zoom? Either way, hopefully, on our 8th birthday we can meet again and show guests from other dancing scenes the Lindy What dance.

17-01-2021 Lecture on Quotes, references and riffs in Jazz music by Ron Dobrovinsky  You know the feeling of hearing an unheard before tune, and suddenly something just sounds very familiar? We had a fun and interesting lecture about the small musical references jazz musicians make when they play. Popular riffs and rhythms that travel through songs and genres and other “inner jokes” that intentionally refer to other songs.

19-12-2020  LindyWhat? Fancy Christmas Gala!  Yes, we had a super cool live band and our DJ was playing the finest tunes. Yes, we dressed up in our finest gala dress/suite/pyjama. Yes, we had glühwine. It all happened through livesteam to meet en dance apart together!

14-12-2020  we had an Interactive online lesson with Sep Vermeersch, professional Lindy Hop dancer and music expert from Belgium. In the lesson, we had explore how to enjoy and feel relaxed during solo dancing! Jazz is all about expression and being your authentic ‘self’. It’s part of the roots of swing dancing. But often we are pre-occupied with other thoughts and distracted from the moment. In this session we tried to reconnect more easily with ourself, the music and other dancers, in order to be in the moment and care less. Let’s jam! This was an all-level class for people who have Lindy Hop experience (including basic Charleston). You did not need solo jazz experience.

What’s Hop!? Second Edition
Posted on October 16th 2019  l   It’s back! We’re delighted to announce that the next edition of our What’s Hop?! festival (this time celebrating our sixth anniversary as a swing dance community) will take place on the weekend of 22nd-23rd February 2020. We have some amazing teachers, bands and venues in the pipeline, so save the date!

Workshop with Sylvester and Simon
Posted on October 16th 2019It was our great pleasure to welcome back Sylvester from Eindhoven to give a workshop with Simon, all about changing up your rhythms in your solo and partnered dancing, inspiring yourself and your partner to create new variations and possibilities. With the motto “Get It Wrong!”, everyone had a lot of fun; the smiles and laughs were infectious!

What’s Hop, Nijmegen? Lindy Hop is what!
Posted on May 22nd 2019 What a weekend! In February we celebrated the fifth anniversary of Lindy What? Nijmegen and we had an absolute blast! Super fun classes from our amazing invited teachers Kris & Audun, Ari & Simon, and with two parties with live music by the Kalishnikovs and Celebrity Hot Tub Party, two of our favourite swing bands.

We started on the Saturday morning with Lindy Hop classes and some artistic opportunities (create your own t-shirt design or shoe bag design with our spray paint What’s Hop logo!). Thanks to all of our amazing volunteers for helping on reception and for helping on the design desk. Classes also took place on the Sunday and, despite some late night dancing, everyone was super-pumped!

The Saturday night party took place at the Stadsschouwburg with the Kalishnikovs. Everyone looked super-cool, the room was swinging hard all night long to the band and our awesome DJs (everyone was super happy with the amazing dance floor) and there was a really cool photo booth! Sunday afternoon after classes there was a tea dance at Kolpinghuis Nijmegen with music from Celebrity Hot Tub Party: a super-relaxed swinging atmosphere and the perfect way to end the weekend!

Thanks to everyone who came (all of our Nijmegen dancers and everyone from out-of-town) and special thanks to out organising team, the photographers and all of the volunteers. A special shout out to those who lovingly made the weekend wristbands, featuring coloured beads which indicated your class level and whether you lead, follow or switch. It was a lot of work but it was all worth it and we can’t wait to do it all again!

New Season of Classes!
Posted on January 18th 2019 l  The new year of classes is here! We kicked things off last week with Lindy B and C classes from our wonderful out-of-town teachers Kay and Natalia, who will be teaching here with us on Tuesdays during the coming block of classes for Lindy C and our NEW block of speciality classes. See you there on the dance floor!

Swing SOS with the Happy Feet Orchestra in Nijmegen!
Posted on September 3rd 2018 l  Last night we kicked of the new season of Lindy Hop at Lindy What? here in Nijmegen with a social dance event featuring the Happy Feet Orchestra. Starting with a taster class for beginners with May and Simon, we rolled into a fantastic evening of live music with the Happy Feet Orchestra (check out their promo video clip below). The evening also featured a performance of the Big Apple routine by Tobi’s summer school students!

Workshop with Simon and Frederique
Posted on September 3rd 2018  l  We welcomed Frederique from Eindhoven to give a workshop with Simon, all based upon the theme of Rhythm and Play! We worked on breaking down our Lindy Hop moves into bite-sized chunks and playing around with mixing them up. The final goal was to get everyone to play wth their footwork and body movement to express themselves in time with the music. There was a visible and audible change in everyone’s dancing: well done all for your hard work and marked improvement!

Natalia was back with us in Nijmegen!
Posted on September 3rd 2018  l  The last block of classes saw the amazing Natalia Rueda come back to Nijmegen to teach a course of solo jazz classes. As well as learning some new steps, we worked very hard with Natalia to practice ideas such as musicality and improvisation. Of course, these ideas flow naturally into improving our Lindy Hop couple dancing. Thanks Natalia, see you again soon!

Natalia Rueda in Nijmegen!
Posted on August 24th 2017  

Natalia’s solo jazz group

We have been so very lucky to welcome Natalia Rueda (Colombia/Canada) to teach here in our Lindy What? scene in Nijmegen. Natalia is a very experienced dancer/choreographer and competition judge and so it was to be expected that we would love what she did with us.

Natalia gave a range of courses, starting with four weeks of authentic solo jazz dancing, where we learned a variety of classic jazz steps and how to put them together into a routine. This happened in parallel to her classes with our Lindy C (intermediate) level.

Natalia’s last class with us

Her residency here in Nijmegen finished with a weekend workshop on August 5th, where we had two tracks of small, intimate groups so that Natalia could give us a great deal of close attention. In the evening was Natalia’s last class with us; we then spent the evening dancing with some birthday jams and a leaving jam for Natalia, after which she embarked upon her European touristic adventure. We would welcome her back very soon!

  • Nijmegen Screening of Alive and Kicking
    Posted on July 25th 2017

This Tuesday saw the Nijmegen screening of the US documentary “Alive and Kicking” which chronicles the revival of Lindy Hop in recent decades. The makers did a very good job of illustrating the passion and dedication of modern day Lindy Hoppers: it would have been nice to have a better picture of where this all came from. It was nice to see a few clips from Frankie and Norma. We finished with an impromptu social dance outside the venue: everyone had a lot of fun!

  • Lindy Three Anniversary Workshop with David and Cátia
    Posted on April 10th 2017

The weekend of Saturday 18-Sunday 19 March saw our celebration of three years of Lindy What? here in Nijmegen and it was a blast! The weekend ran with three tracks of classes with David and Cátia for dancers of all abilities. We learned a variety of refined techniques (how to have a good, relaxed but clear pendulum of swinging motion) and some new figures which we used to incorporate these new techniques into our dancing.

On the Saturday night we had a party with live music courtesy of the Streetbeat Empire and our first Mix and Match competition, run by our very own Jack and Jill (aka Marcel and Lieneke), which everyone enjoyed. There was an amazing turnout not just by our lovely Nijmeegse dancers but from all over the Netherlands! Thanks everyone for making our birthday party such a success!

  • Lindy Hop Workshop with Lennart and eWa
    Posted on April 9th 2017

On March 9th We were lucky enough to host some Lindy Hop royalty here in Nijmegen: Lennart Westerlund and eWa Burek. These two Swedes have been and continue to be an integral part of the evolution of the dance. Indeed, Lennart was one of the original Swedish swing dancers who went to New York in the early ’80s to track down some of the “old-timer” Lindy Hoppers such as Al Minns. Within a few years, Lennart and eWa were dancing in the Lindy Hop display troupe “the Rhythm Hot Shots” (see our media section for some nice footage).

The evening started with a special lecture by Lennart, through which we learned some of the history of Lindy Hop, the people involved and its evolution, most notably including Frankie Manning, Al Minns and Norma Miller. This was followed by a short workshop which involved learning a good sense of rhythm, scatting and body movement. We were ever so happy to welcome these two wonderful teachers to Nijmegen and look forward to meeting them again on a dance floor somewhere some time soon!

  • Lindy Hop Workshop with Erik and Birgit
    Posted on January 12th 2017

erik-birgit-classIt was such a pleasure to welcome Erik Linnartz and Birgit Pfalz here in Nijmegen, to show us some new moves and change the way we think about the dance. We worked on leading and following rock steps, one of the basic features of couples’ dancing that can always be improved, no matter how long you have been dancing.
erik-birgit-groupWe then worked on dancing in a “smooth” way, letting every figure flow seamlessly into the next, so that the dance feels so much more relaxed: our ultimate goal! Thanks Erik and Birgit, you made a huge difference to all of our dancing!

  • Crash Course for Beginners
    Posted on October 2nd 2016
  • crashcourseThanks everyone for a great day at our Crash Course for Lindy Hop Beginners! The morning session was taught by Lieneke and Simon, with the afternoon taught by Inge and Danny. You all worked so hard; four hours of classes is very tiring so we thank you for your effort. Many of you are joining our Lindy A course and we’re really happy about that to
  • Kunstnacht Kalishnikovs
    Posted on October 2nd 2016

ksOur favourite big band the Kalishnikovs were here again in Nijmegen as part of the city’s Kunstnacht festival. We had huge group of Nijmegen dancers as well as plenty of lovely visitors from out of town. We swung out hard for two hours to their live music, accompanied by DJ sets from our very own DJ Mathias! Thanks K’s, we love you!

  • Kate and Pieter Aart: take two!
    Posted on November 18th 2015

Kate and Pieter Aart were back in Nijmegen and we all had a blast! We learned how to dance fast Charleston without breaking a sweat, as well as breaking down our dance moves into simple blocks, so that both partners can enjoy their dancing without any stress.This was followed by our regular Sunday Tea Dance at Brebl, where we were all able to try out our new moves and technique. Kate and Pieter Aart will be back soon, for sure!

  • Addicted to Lindy Hop?
    Posted on August 17th 2015
Lieneke Janssen

Lieneke Janssen

Donders Wonders: can you really get addicted to Lindy Hop? Our very own Lieneke of the Donders Institute here in Nijmegen has some thoughts

  • Swinging out with Rob and Diane!
    Posted on August 6th 2015
Class 1 - it's all about the flow

Class 1 – it’s all about the flow

On Sunday 2nd August Rob and Diane van Haaren were in town to show us a thing or two! Rob grew up in Nijmegen, although he moved to California 30 years ago to pursue his dreams, where he discovered the Lindy Hop and, through it, his wife Diane. It was a pleasure to welcome Rob “home” and to meet his lovely family. Rob and Diane started to Lindy Hop in California, where they learned the original Frankie Manning and Al Minns style of Lindy Hop. Since then they have been dancing and teaching all over the world, including at Herräng Dance Camp in Sweden for over 18 years. They came to us to share their energy, technique, musicality and their Lindy Hop philosophy and we were not left disappointed!

Class 2 - Suzie Q!

Class 2 – Suzie Q!

We had two 90 minute classes, the first of which focused on keeping momentum and flow in the dance. Everyone’s swing out was dramatically improved in this short space of time and we learned how to apply the same techniques and ideas to our movements in many other aspects of our dancing. The second class stressed the role of authentic solo jazz steps in our partnered dancing, how to play and have a conversation with our partner, whilst maintaining the basic concepts of “lead” and “follow”. We were very happy to welcome many dancers from out-of-town, including one dancer all the way from Norway! We finished the day with an energetic after-party where everyone was throwing down their new moves and improvisations. Rob and Diane, please come back soon!

  • Some dates for your diary…
    Posted on July 31st 2015
Pieter Aart and Kate

Pieter Aart and Kate

We’ve got an exciting programme of workshops coming up for you this autumn! On the weekend of 19th-20th September we’re delighted to welcome back our beloved Pieter Aart Schouten and Katelyn Price for round two. We all learned so very much from them last time, we just had to invite them back. It’s going to be great!

Kenny and Jesse

Kenny and Jesse

Then on the weekend of 28th-29th November we can’t wait to learn from Kenny Nelson and Jesse Hanus. You’ve watched their youtube videos to death: now it’s time to learn from them in person! More information to follow soon.

  • Lindy What? Nijmegen First Anniversary – what a weekend!
    Posted on May 16th 2015
What a weekend!

What a weekend!

Our “Lindy One” anniversary weekend exceeded all of our wildest expectations! Thank you to everyone who took part, be it in the workshops, the parties or the organisation: it was a blast! IMG_2995 The main focus was of course the two-day workshop with Katelyn Price and Pieter Aart Schouten. It seems that all of our dancers picked up new ways of approaching their dancing: if you can be responsible for your own bounce and rhythm, without relying on your partner to give it to you, then you have so much more freedom to add your own variations and expression. Lindy Hop is about teamwork: you dance together as a pair but with the freedom to add something of yourself in every dance. Pieter Aart and Kate made everything so much fun, challenging us to break out of our established patterns and find something new.

kalishnikovsIn between the two workshop days was a simply amazing party in the Kolpinghuis in Nijmegen, with live music from our dear Kalishnikovs! Thanks everyone for the Nijmegen birthday jam! We can’t wait to welcome them back in the near future.

IMG_3002We finished the weekend with a lovely, cosy after-party at Thiemeloods in Bottendaal. It’s like we’re a family already! Watch this space for news of our next workshop weekend!

  • Lindy What? Nijmegen First Anniversary Weekend
    Posted on January 13th 2015
    Lindy NijmegenIn February our dance club will become one year old. It’s amazing to think back to that crazy first night in Café Trianon and to see how far we have all come since then! Not just in terms of our numbers but also how much progress everyone has made in their dancing.

So now it’s time to celebrate! Here’s the schedule for the anniversary weekend:

  • Friday 27th February Learn the Shim Sham!
  • Saturday 28th February Workshop with Pieter Aart and Kate (part i)
  • Saturday 28th February Live music with the Kalishnikovs
  • Sunday 1st March Workshop with Pieter Aart and Kate (part ii)

Through these links you’ll hopefully find all of the information you need (we’ll keep adding to those pages, so please keep checking back). We also look forward to welcoming all of you from out of town, especially those who have been supporting us over the last year, we couldn’t have done it without you!

  • Nijmegen Swings Out Hard!
    Posted on October 15th 2014
    fotos lindy3_7Nine months ago, six Nijmeegse Lindy Hoppers had a dream: that the dance floors of Nijmegen would one day be scorched by the heat of swing outs danced to the tunes of live big band music. On the weekend of Friday 10th and Saturday 11th October, those dreams came true!fotos lindy3_2On Friday we welcomed The Kalishnikovs to Nijmegen. This ten-piece “small big band” really knows how to play for dancers and they had the dance floor packed all night long! The atmosphere was electric: the somewhat “remote” location at Brebl gave the feel of a 1920’s speak-easy and the live music kept our hearts swinging. Thank you to all of you who came (many of whom were from out-of-town) for making this such a special occasion and thank you Kalishnikovs, we can’t wait to have you back again! Check out the video below.fotos lindy3_8On Saturday it was time to get back in the classroom: Robert and Chantal really know their stuff! Their enthusiasm for the music and the dance is simply infectious and we just couldn’t get enough of them. They broke down the feel and the rhythm of the dance into simple and easy-to-understand concepts that everybody was able to take home with them, followed by some fancy moves that we’re sure will be a common sight in Nijmegen from now on! Thank you Robert and Chantal for an awesome workshop, it was just perfect!
  • The Kalishnikovs live @ Brebl!
    Posted on September 25th 2014
    kalishnikovsThe Kalishnikovs are coming to Nijmegen! Eindhoven’s `house band’ are coming to swing the joint, you really don’t want to miss this one! Back in the 1930s Big Band Era they didn’t have DJs: it’s time for us to enjoy that buzz that comes from dancing the Lindy Hop to live music.
  • Workshop with Robert and Chantal from Eindhoven!
    Posted on September 20th 2014
    Lindy Hop Workshop te EindhovenGet ready to take your Lindy Hop to the next level! On Saturday 11th October we will welcome Robert Cullen and Chantal Woltring to give a workshop here in Nijmegen. The orchestrators of the Eindhoven swing scene, these two extremely passionate Lindy Hoppers have been dancing this stuff since 1999 and teaching it since 2002, so they know what they are talking about! Surely not an opportunity to be missed.The workshop with Robert and Chantal is intended for dancers who already have some experience of dancing Lindy Hop. Newbies, keep a look out for our next introductory classes…
  • Some dates for your diary…
    Posted on August 20th 2014; updated September 25th 2014
    kalishnikovsHere’s some preliminary information for you all to mark in your diaries. Robert Chantal - 1The weekend of 10/11 October 2014 will be a big weekend of Lindy Hop in Nijmegen! On Friday 10th we will dance to live music from The Kalishnikovs. On Saturday 11th we will have a Lindy Hop workshop with Robert and Chantal from Eindhoven. More information to follow very soon!
  • Intensive Beginners Workshop
    Posted on August 16th 2014
    The summer is over, we hope you are all well rested because it’s time to start dancing again! On Saturday 30th August there will be an intensive Lindy Hop workshop for beginners with Inge and Simon.
    Our next block of classes is almost full, so if you want to get going with your Lindy Hop and then come dancing with us at our upcoming social events, then this is your chance: don’t miss it!
  • Swingin’ Nijmegen with Praveen and Dolinde
    Posted on August 1st 2014
Everybody listens carefully to the Lindy Hop wisdom.

Everybody listens carefully to the Lindy Hop wisdom.

On Saturday 21st June we had our very first Lindy Hop workshop here in Nijmegen: it was really a pleasure for us to welcome Praveen and Dolinde from Amsterdam!

Dolinde's smile says it all!

Dolinde’s smile says it all!

These two very experienced dancers and energetic teachers put us through our paces, ranging from some rhythm exercises to help us get a better feeling for the music to some crazy Charleston steps and variations. However, the highlights of this three hour extravaganza were without doubt their Sailor Step variations, which proved extremely popular with everybody and are now quite a common sight on the Nijmegen social floor!

Thanks Praveen and Dolinde for the energy and fun that you brought to Nijmegen! Thanks also for your kind words about how well everyone is dancing in our new scene. We can’t wait for you to come back! As organizers, we would like to thank all of the participants for their hard work and enthusiasm: it was hot, it was sweaty and it was sometimes tiring but, as always, you all totally rocked it!

  • Greetings from Herräng Dance Camp!
    Posted on August 1st 2014
    After a few weeks’ holiday, the website is back! Sorry for the absence although, as we’re sure you can imagine, it was all in the name of Lindy Hop! In particular, Simon spent a week at the Lindy Hop dance camp which happens every year in the tiny little village of Herräng, an hour or so north of Stockholm, in Sweden.
Greetings from Herräng! L-R Simon (Nijmegen), Hugo, Ingrida (Luxembourg), Andrea (Zürich)

Greetings from Herräng! L-R Simon (Nijmegen), Hugo, Ingrida (Luxembourg), Andrea (Zürich)

Due to various life coincidences, Herräng became the focal point of the Swedish part of the worldwide Lindy Hop revival in the early 1980s. Now itself over 30 years old, the Herräng Dance Camp has grown into an annual festival attended during its five week duration by hundreds and hundreds of dancers from all over the world. Going there is surely the ultimate rite of passage for any self-respecting Lindy Hopper.

With such glorious sunny weather, wonderful food and three hours of dance classes every day, followed by hours and hours of social dancing in the evening (you can dance until breakfast if you want to), this is a Lindy Hopper’s Heaven-on-Earth! Now back in Nijmegen, Simon is full of all sorts of new moves and ideas to show you! Are you ready?

Tack så mycket, Herräng, vi ses nästa år!

  • Next Lindy Hop party in Nijmegen!
    Posted on June 4th 2014
    CabinInSky_jimhenrydanceOn Saturday 21st June we will have our next Lindy Hop party, this time to celebrate our first weekend of swing dance workshops here in Nijmegen! Come and find us on the dance floor…
  • We “hopped on the boat” for Frankie’s birthday!
    Posted on May 28th 2014
    On Tuesday 27th May the second Hop on the Boat took place on the Nijmeegse Boot, this time to celebrate what would have been Frankie Manning’s 100th birthday. Starting as usual with a taster class for beginners, we danced the swingin’ night away.The evening had it all: bounce, swing, smiles and laughter, a shim sham and even a birthday swing jam! Thanks to everyone who came, especially to our dancing friends from out-of-town. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the video below. Happy birthday Frankie!
  • Workshop in Nijmegen with Praveen and Dolinde from Amsterdam plus Workshop for Lindy Beginners!
    Posted on May 22th 2014
Look out Nijmegen! Here we come :)

Look out Nijmegen! Here we come 🙂

We are excited to welcome Praveen and Dolinde to teach our first big Lindy Hop workshop here in Nijmegen! In the afternoon of Saturday 21st June they will help us to improve our dancing technique and show us all sorts of cool new moves! Don’t miss out!The workshop with Praveen and Dolinde is intended for dancers who already have some experience of dancing the Lindy Hop. For those of you who have been trying to register for our beginner courses but without success, there will instead be a beginner workshop especially for you! It will take place in the morning of Saturday 21st June, taught by our very own Rosalind and Simon. Here is your chance to get going with your Lindy Hop, so don’t miss it!

  • Look out Netherlands, we’re growing fast…
    Posted on May 11th 2014
Photo by Sander Poot: click to enlarge :-)

Photo by Sander Poot – click to enlarge 🙂

In January 2014 there were just six Lindy Hoppers in Nijmegen. Just a few months later, look at us now! Nijmeegse Lindy Hoppers, you have made our dream come true: we hope you are having as much fun as we are, none of this would be possible without your amazing enthusiasm!

  • Class registration is now closed for the time being.
    Posted on May 8th 2014
    All of our current Lindy Hop courses are now full and registration is unfortunately no longer possible. Stay tuned for details of our next set of classes. In the meantime, you can come along to one of our drop-in classes, the next one being on Tuesday 27th May at Hop on the Boat for Frankie!
  • Hop on the Boat was a huge success!
    Posted on May 1st 2014
photo by Sander Poot

photo by Sander Poot

On Tuesday 29th April we all got together to celebrate the beginning of our second cycle of classes: the first Hop on the Boat took place on the Nijmeegse Boot on the river Waal. With such a stunning view of the Waalbrug, everyone agreed that once again Inge had done us proud in finding us a perfect location! The evening started with a one-hour introductory class with Rosalind and Simon, followed by us all dancing the night away

photo by Sander Poot

photo by Sander Poot

to the best of swing music both old and new, courtesy of DJ Mathias. We were ecstatic to see how well everyone is dancing after just a few lessons and it was again a pleasure to welcome our dancing friends from out-of-town. Stay tuned for details of the next one, it’s coming soon!

  • Registration open for the next Lindy Hop courses
    Posted on April 2nd 2014; updated on 15th April 2014
    Our next course for Lindy Hop beginners starts on Friday 9th May! Lindy Hop level 2 (for those of you who already started our classes) begins again on 25th April. Check out our schedules and pricing and details about how to register. They will fill up quickly, so don’t be late! Unfortunately, registration for Lindy 1 is now closed to followers; we can now only accept registrations from leaders registering alone.
  • Lindy Hop, welcome to Nijmegen: a “first class” class
    Posted on March 23rd 2014
    1979493_10202295829050608_1820796597_nFriday 21st March saw the very first lesson of the very first course for Lindy Hop beginners in Nijmegen, taught by Inge and Simon. Thank you everybody for making it such an enjoyable experience, we hope you all had as much fun as we did! With your amazing energy, your relaxed attitude and your hunger to learn, you totally rocked every move we showed. We’ll see you next week for more of the same, we really can’t wait to dance with you again and show you some more cool moves! In the meantime, keep on swingin’.
  • Beginners’ course is now full!
    Posted on March 15th 2014
    life-lindy-hopOur first course for Lindy Hop beginners is now full. Were you planning on registering for the course but now you’ve missed out? Don’t worry: there will be another course starting in early May. In the meantime, you are of course always welcome at the social dancing every Friday after the class!
  • Lindy What? at the Meschiya Lake concert
    Posted on 12th March 2014
    20120914-meschiyalake-mer-14309-209-300On Friday 7th March the Meschiya Lake Quartet was in town. They brought their unique brand of New Orleans swing to Nijmegen as part of their tour of the Netherlands this month. We at Lindy What? rarely miss a chance to dance to live music and so, together with some of our lovely dancing friends from Eindhoven, you might have seen us swinging out hard at the back of the venue! It was so cool to have some of our newer dancers come along and join in the fun: together this is how we build a scene. We’ll keep you posted about future opportunities!
  • Lindy What? Nijmegen Launch Party: what a night!
    Posted on 2nd March 2014
    Swing Dance partyThe Lindy What? launch party was a huge success! We kicked off the evening with an introductory lesson for complete beginners with Rosalind and Simon: the room was completely packed, way beyond all of our initial hopes and expectations. At one point we counted 90 people on the dance floor! This was followed by another three hours of swingin’ social dancing to music ranging from the classic swing jazz era to the modern, courtesy of DJ Mathias. The atmosphere was electric and it was pure joy to see the dance floor “bouncing” in unison. Well done Inge for finding such a cool venue! In Lindy Hop we measure success by the size of the smiles on people’s faces and in this way we couldn’t have had a better start: thank you everybody for all your support. The spirit of Frankie Manning is alive and well in the Netherlands and now it has arrived in Nijmegen too!
  • Beginners Lindy Hop classes start in March 2014
    Posted on January 24th 2014; updated on 22nd February 2014
    Registration has opened for our first series of Lindy Hop classes for beginners, which will take place at Danstheater impro vi. The course will begin on Friday 21 March and continue for five weeks every Friday until the Easter break on Friday 18th April. Each class will start at 20.00 and last for one hour, followed by an hour of social dancing until 22.00.
  • Lindy Hop drop-in classes and social dancing
    Posted on January 24th 2014; updated on 22nd February 2014
    On Friday 28th February and Thursday 13th March we will have two more evenings of Lindy Hop at Café Restaurant Trianon. We begin on both evenings at 20.00 with a one-hour drop-in class for absolute beginners with Rosalind and Simon, followed by social dancing until 22.00.
  • Lindy Hop Nijmegen Launch Party
    Posted on January 24th 2014
    Lindy_hopCome and celebrate with us our first night of Lindy Hop here in Nijmegen! We’re organizing a swing dance party on Friday 21st February 21.00 onwards at Café Restaurant Trianon. We’ll kick off with an introductory lesson for complete beginners with Rosalind and Simon, then we’ll dance the night away to the best of swing music from DJs Mathias and Simon, all of this for free!